Cold Working Tools
Industeel produces extra wide tool steel plates (2000 x 4000 mm) suitable to cover a large range of applications with outstanding metallurgical quality for reliable in service tool performance.
Industeel offers a wide range of standard steel grades for tool making and also special steels such as TENASTEEL which might enable you to make substantial savings with longer tool life time.

A wide variety of tools are required in industry for cutting, shearing, stamping, extrusion, forging and die-casting operations.
To make these tools, you need steels combining specific properties, in particular hardness, wear resistance, toughness, cracking resistance and machinability. The right steel also depends on the usage of the tool, i.e. cold work (cutting, shearing and stamping).

Stamping tools
The improved toughness of Tenasteel is a real benefit for all severe applications:
• Stamping of high thicknesses
• Stamping of very high strength material (big trend in the car industry)

Shear blades
Tenasteel allows shearing of a higher thickness.

Recycling tools
The use of Tenasteel in granulators helps to increase the productivity by a longer life of granulation tools.

Cost saving over standard grades
A number of case studies performed on stamping tools (cutting blades) in the car industry showed a great advantage for Tenasteel in terms of tool lifetime.

Piece Processed material
Grade / thickness
Suspension arm FB 400 / 4 mm Tenasteel: 100 000 shots
W1.2379 / D2: 50 000 shots
B-Pillar TRIP 800 / 2 mm Tenasteel: 93 000 shots
W1.2379 / D2: 50 000 shots
Front bumper beam DP1180 / 1.6 mm Tenasteel: 10 000 shots
W1.2379 / D2: 2 000 shots
B-pillar USIBOR 1500 / 1.6 Tenasteel: 80 000 shots
W1.2379 / D2: 0

Product List:
TD2 X 153CrMo V12 1,2379 D 2 SKD 11 <255
Tenasteel Registred trademark
Patented product
As per standards 90 Mn Cr V 8 1.2842 2 - <230
As per standards 100 Mn Cr W 4 1.251 1 - <212
As per standards - A 6 - <220
As per standards - S 5 - <230
As per standards - S 7 - <225
As per standards X 100CrMo V5.1 1.2363 A 2 SKD12 <240
As per standards X 210 Cr 12 1.208 D 3 SKD 1 <248
As per standards X 210 Cr W12 1.2436 D 6 - <255

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