Pressure Vessel, Cryogenic, Pipe & Construction Steels
Pressure vessel, cryogenic, pipe & construction steels

Bozhong has developed a range of tailor-made construction, pressure vessel steels and forged rolled plates to account not only for improved equipment reliability and increased lifetime and to reduce global life-cycle costs, but also for easier fabrication and assembly.

Whatever the nature of the difficulty, be it ease of repair by welding, low temperature impact toughness requirements, resistance to high temperature hydrogen rich environments or resistance to corrosive compounds such as H2S…

Bozhong offers a wide range of optimized products for the entire oil & gas chain, in particular for applications in very harsh environments.

Pressure vessel, pipes, tanks & construction steels solutions

Steels for moderate temperature service
BOZHONG is a family of CMn steels specially designed for the construction of pressure equipment…

Steels for sour service
BOZHONG steel plates are specially designed to resist SSC, HIC and SOHIC phenomenon

Steels for high temperature service
BOZHONG is a low-alloyed CrMo steel family specially designed for the construction of pressure equipment …

Steels for cryogenic service
BOZHONG steels are cryogenic grades from 0.5%Ni to 36%Ni steels…

Structural & construction steels
Carbon Manganese steel grades …

Clad plates for pressure vessels
When corrosion resistance and mechanical properties are required …

Formed pieces
Half shells, heads, cones, complex pieces …

Forged-rolled plates
Forged-rolled plates can be supplied for critical thick-plate applications

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