Tailor Made Products

Rings & tyres
Rings are manufactured according to international standards or customer specifications, in a large range of readily available steel grades (weldable carbon steel, low-alloy steels, alloyed steels for carburizing or nitriding, and stainless steel).

Formed pieces
Industeel is fully equipped for the forming and pressing of heavy and extra-heavy plates.

Steel plates and profile cut pieces
Precision flame-cut pieces with excellent tolerances and a wide range of shapes to provide products close to final dimensions

Welded elements for jack up rig
These elements are assembled from cut racks and hot pressed chords welded on both sides of each rack.

Special ingots
INDUSTEEL produces and sells ingots for open die forging and ring-rolling,as well as casting pieces for hydro-electric & nuclear applications.

Forged-rolled plates
Forged-rolled plates and blocks can be supplied for critical thick-product applications where specific properties are required throughout the thickness or for stringent ultrasonic testing specifications.
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