Moulds Cores And Cavities
Mould components used to produce plastic parts that vary in size, complexity and applications, for all plastic moulding processes such as: injection, compression, blow and rubber moulding.
Producing high quality injection moulds and plastic parts in a cost effective way is a daily challenge for moldmakers, moulders and OEM.
Bozhongis a complete range of premium mould steels bringing added value to the plastic injection moulding business. Bozhonggrades are delivered prehardened from 300 Brinell to 400 Brinell to produce mould cores, cavities and holders.
Bozhongsteels are optimal solutions as they provide reliable machining, consistent surface finish and texturing, improved thermal conductivity, easy weld repair and high mechanical strength for a large dimensional range (up to 1300mm thickness).

Bozhong 2738mod. for automotive large-size mould
Bozhong 2738mod. is the optimal time and cost effective mould steel solution. Based on an original chemistry and an optimised process, Bozhong 2738mod. provides added value to the whole customer chain of plastic moulding:
In the following example, our customer needed a large-size mould (550mm-thick) for a dashboard cavity with a special etch-graining pattern finish requirement.

Bozhong 2738mod. for Rubber moulding
Thanks to its mettalurgy based on lower carbon content and optimised addition of alloying elements, Bozhong 2738mod. provides a comprehensive solution associating good machinability, high mechanical characteristics and ability to meet surface finish requirements.
In the following example, Bozhong 2738mod. was used to manufacture a rubber mould dedicated to produce metal reinforced rubber seals. “Bozhong 2738mod. is really a quality material with excellent machining conditions and homogeneous hardness”, concluded the customer.

Product  List:
2311 40CrMnMo 7 1,2311 P20 280-325 29-34
2312 40 CrMnMoS 8.6 ≈ P20+S 300
2714 55 NiCrMoV 7 1,2714 360-400 39-43
2738 (P20) 40 CrMnNiMo 8-6-4 1.2738 P20 + Ni 280-325 29-34
2738mod 1.2738mod P20mod 290-330 30-35
2738mod HH 330-360 35-39
400 350-390 38-42
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