Why Choose Bozhong

Why Choose Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group Co., Ltd? WE OFFER YOU THE BEST STEEL.

We are the world's leading iron and steel plant partner.
ChinaBaosteel, TISCO, Wugang, Dongbei Special Steel. International world.(Belgium), Dillinger Hutte (Germany), ArcelorMittal (USA), JFE (Japan), NSSMC (Japan), Nucor (USA), SSAB (USA / Sweden / Finland) and Swebor Stal (Sweden).
Awesome Service
The products we sell are often cruciall to the success of a project. We understand steel and engineering and try very hard to make sure that you get what is best for your project. We ask questions so that we can give you the best value. And once the steel is delivered, we will usually be on site within 24 hours if required – anywhere in SE Asia.
Thickest Plates
We keep up to 300 mm thick plates in stock. Normally, we keep enough to give you a choice. In a lot of cases, we stock the thickest plates possible. Instead of having to wait for months for new plates to be rolled, you can start production knowing that your plates will be delivered in just a few weeks.
Best Availability
We’ve learnt over the years that there’s not a lot of point having just one plate. Most jobs need several plates, so we stock enough for several jobs (or even lots of jobs). You can come to us and get all the carbon steel you need. And in 99% of cases, we already have it all in our warehouse, so it is easy to dispatch and delivery.
Best Quality Steel
Can you buy better carbon steel plate on an ex-stock basis? We don’t think so. This is because most of our steel is from Dillinger and they have more experience at making heavy plates than anyone else. With 10 years of experience, this is why many of the worlds largest EPCs choose Shanghai Bozhong Alloy Co., Ltd Group. When we order plates, many come with additional Z35 and UT testing as standard, giving customers even more confidence.
Super Delivery
Every month, we ship steel plates around the world. They go in small packages and big container loads. Every shipment is unique. It needs special treatment to ensure that it gets delivered quickly and efficiently. Our sales team ship the steel they sell; which means that the same person handles your entire purchase, order and shipment process, knows all the details of what you need and is able to give you the best support you require for your project.
Of course being the best at what we do doesn’t mean that we are the best choice for everyone or even the best at everything. The way that we look at it is if you are driving across the Sahara, don’t use a Ferrari, use a Landcruiser. When you need heavy plates, come to Shanghai Bozhong Alloy Co., Ltd Group.

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