Service & Technique
  • Nickel Based Alloys & Stainless Steels
  • Steel Plate Series
  • Steels for Molds Tools & Tailor Made Products
  • Plate Cutting
    Whatever your requirement for processed plate our range of plate cutting equipment ensures we can offer exactly what you require.
  • Plate Processing
    Our latest equipment addition utilizes the Infinity skew plasma cutting head technology and we continue our mission to make the latest profiling methods readily available to our customers;
  • Decoiling
    One contact point for rolled strips with non-standard dimensions, precisely the length, width and thickness you have specified, supplied quickly and professionally.
  • Package & Delivery
    Packed with special paper , PE - film and steel box , steel cylinder / Carton sleeve.
  • Testing
    All types of mechanical testing (including non-standard company-specific tests) in collaboration with leading specialists.

  • Logistics
    Worldwide delivery from door-to-door in accordance with the Incoterms, fully arranged for you (all types of transport)。
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