Package & Delivery
Coil Packages
Packed with special paper , PE - film and steel box , steel cylinder / Carton sleeve.
Strong steel protectors inside and perforated outside , strapped with steel strips 5 x 5 / 4x 4
Labeling: Three waterproof labels per each coil; Two on the sides , One on inner diameter of the
Each coil bears One standard sticker “HANDLE WITH CARE”
Sheet Packages
Packed with water-proof paper inside ,and steel box out side ,Hollow sections are fixed under
each bundle.
Stapped with strips 3x 4 / 2x 3
Labeling : two waterproof labels on sides per each bundle
Each bundle bears one standard sticker “HANDLE WITH CARE”

Loaded In Container
Coil  Loaden In Container
a.    Eye To Door
b.    Eye To Wall
c.    Eye To Sky
Sheet Bundle In Container
Wooden skids and steel wire will make the bundles safer during the transport-
tation in the container.
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