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A cold work tool steel, combining a high compression strength and a very good toughness.

Its other advantages are a particularly high resistance to thermal softening and a good machinability in the asdelivery condition. The steel is delivered in the soft annealed condition with a maximum hardness of 250 HB.

Bozhong Steel is specially designed to replace D2/X160CrMoV12/W1.2379 type steels widely used by tool makers but suffering from an excessive brittleness. Thanks to its chemistry increasing resistance to softening during tempering, Bozhong Steel is especially suited for all processes of surface treatment and coatings commonly used by end – users. Bozhong Steel can replace D2 type steels in all applications.

• EURONORM: X110 CrMoV8 family
• INDUSTEEL: Bozhong Steel

Chemical Analysis
Typical values (weight%).
C S max Mn Cr Mo V Other element
1.00 0.005 0.35 7.50 2.60 0.30 Ti

Mechanical Properties
Typical values
Hardness in annealed
condition (HB)
Hardness in heat
treated condition
Young modulus
strength MPA (ksi)
250 HB maxi 56 205 2210 (320) 40 (29.5)
62 205 2550 (370) 25 (18.4)

Delivery Conditions
Dimensional programV
Plates 2000 x 4000 mm
79″ x 158″
th 15 to 75 mm
th 0.60″ to 3″
Bars 500 mm
th 300 mm maxi
th 12″ maxi
Cold Working Tools
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