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Die casting industry is very cautious in the selection of hot work tool steels to manufacture die casting dies.
In the production of long series, die life time is the first requirement, and tool steel quality / properties will always prevails on its cost, which does not mean that there is no need for cost saving in the die manufacture.
Industeel has developed a unique process ensuring a structural homogeneity of forged blocks without using a remelting process. Thus properties of forged blocks meet requirements of international die casting standards and are very similar to those of ESR or VAR products. We can provide a cost efficient alternative to remelted products for die casting dies. ISOTROP is a high quality hot work tool steel (W1.2343 / W1.2344 / H11 /H13 modified) obtained thanks to a special solidification process.

Similar quality as ESR die casting die steel thanks to an unique solidification process (different from ESR/VAR) achieving homogeneous structure and properties throughout the whole master block.
Optimized chemical analysis aim particularly to improve toughness to a high level.
Better properties than standard / EFS products
W1.2343 / H11 or W1.2344 / H13 grades

Toughness properties
• homogeneous in all positions, and in all directions
• similar to the one of W1.2343 ESR typically 300 / 350 joules (unnotched specimen)
Good thermal fatigue behavior
Good softening resistance
Meet the most stringent international specifications:
NADCA #207-2015, SEP 1614, VDGM82

ISOTROP can be used to manufacture aluminum, magnesium die casting dies as a cost efficient substitute to ESR steel grades
ISOTROP can be used for forging dies in substitution to W1.2343 / H11 and W1.2344 / H13
• Its improved toughness over standard grades reinforce the resistance of forging dies to failure
ISOTROP can be used for plastic injection molds (abrasive compounds, long series…)
• Its optimized chemistry and high hardness ensure high wear resistance.
• Because of its lower segregation rate, ISOTROP benefits from a better polishability than standard or EFS W1.2343 / H11, W1.2344 / H13 grades (it is not suitable for lens quality polishing)
• Composite parts

Dimensional range
ISOTROP 60 to 360mm (2.36 to 14.1″) Up to 2000mm (78″)

Product List:
MX01 360-400
Isotrop ~ X 38 Cr Mo V 5.1 ~1.2343 ~H 11 <230
As per standards X 45 Ni Cr Mo 4 1.2767 - - <260
As per standards X 38 Cr Mo V 5.1 1.2343 H 11 SKD 6 <230
As per standards X 40 Cr Mo V 5.1 1.2344 H 13 SKD 61 <230
As per standards 55 Ni Cr Mo V 7 1.2714 - SKT4 360-400

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