Steel Plates And Profile Cut Pieces
Before shipping , Bozhong Metal Group’sSteel Plates And Profile Cut Pieces are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.
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Industeel can make heavy ingots up to 130 t unit weight in a full range of special steel chemistries. These ingots can then be transformed into high quality extra-heavy plates through a unique combination of forging and rolling to ensure excellent internal plate quality and good dimensional tolerances and surface quality.

Industeel’s flame-cut machining facilities then allow these heavy plates to be cut to shape irrespective of thickness.

    A full and extensive offer:
  • Extra-heavy forged plates up to 800 mm thick, 4.3 m wide and 75 t unit weight
  • Precision flame-cut pieces with excellent tolerances and a wide range of shapes to provide products close to final dimensions
  • Excellent metallurgical properties as guaranteed by Z35 through thickness tensile testing and UT inspection, thanks to the structural isotropy and homogeneity achieved through the forging and rolling process
  • Excellent flatness and surface condition tolerances typical of plate products
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