Plate Drilling
Steel plate drilling is a cutting process that utilises a drill bit in order to cut or enlarge a small circular hole within a solid workpiece. The drill bit will typically be a multi-point rotary cutting tool, which is pressed against the material and rotated at thousands of revolutions per minute. This action forces the cutting edge away from the material and removes any chips from the hole as it is drilled. A drilled hole is largely characterised by the sharp edge on the entrance side and by the presence of burrs on the opposite side.

When choosing your drill you must take into consideration the task at hand and the workpiece material before making the decision on which tool will be best to complete the job. There are a number of different drill styles available that each serves a different purpose:
Subland drill - capable of drilling more than one diameter;
Spade drill - for larger hole sizes;
Indexable drill – effectively manages chips.
For larger hole diameters profiling cutting services are more efficient and cost effective than drilling in most cases

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