Oxy Gas Cutting
Oxy Gas Cutting is particularly suited to Boiler & Pressure Vessel Applications. The technology is also widely used for cutting components for bridge making applications.
Oxy Gas Cutting Benefits
• Our Gas Cutting Machine has 8 heads for faster batch production
• 30 metre cutting bed for large workpieces
• Brown McFarlane have gas cutting operators with over 25 years of experience in the technology
• Cost effective cutting method
• Brown McFarlane's Plasma Cutting

Plate Dimensions Capabilities
Thickness Up to 350mm
Width Up to 6.7 metres
Length Up to 30 metres

The Oxy Gas Cutting Process
Oxy-fuel cutting is one of the oldest processes still in use within the industry today. This process uses fuel and oxygen to cut metals. In the oxy-fuel cutting process, a torch is used to heat the metal to its kindling point and then a stream of oxygen is focused on directly on it. This causes it to burn into a metal oxide, which will then flow out of the kerf as slag.
This particular cutting method is frequently employed when fabricating some form of metal-based artwork.
This process is a universally recognized means of cutting ferrous metals.

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